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Issue Date: MAR, 2014
Market Insights

Introducing Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF) SSD

PAPS would like to introduce the latest technology in the SSD market to everyone. It is called: Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF) or M.2. The NGFF standard is led by Intel® and has been defined with the combined input from many players in the electronics industry. It also supports SATA and PCIe interfaces. Generally speaking, NGFF is used to replace the mSATA interface on small devices.

PAPS has done some research and concluded that some advantages to consider when comparing NGFF to mSATA. Users should consider the following:

1. Smaller Size

The dimensions of SSD with mSATA are 51mm x 30mm, with a one-side thickness of 4.85mm while NGFF is only 42mm x 22mm, with a one-side thickness of 2.75mm.

2. Bigger Capacity

Compared to mSATA SSD, NGFF SSD standardizes the width and length and adjusts its length to increase capacity. So far, five lengths have been discussed. They are: 20mm, 42mm, 60mm, 80mm and 110mm.

3. Multiple Interface Types with Faster Transfer Rates

Compared to SATA interfaces supported by mSATA, NGFF support is more diverse, with more types of SATA interfaces supported and faster transfer rates.

Since the beginning of 2014, many SSD players in the industry have been introducing NGFF SSD products one after the other. NGFF SSD is expected to become the norm in high-end SSD market. PAPS will keep watching this developing technology trend. We plan to phase in NGFF support in the fourth quarter, 2014. Click here to see more detail for this news or click here to see a list of the mSATA SSD products we currently carry.

Product Information

Prouct Roadmap Zone Moves to PAPS Home Page

PAPS has been received many requests to group all roadmaps at one area. To be convenient for users to browse and download roadmaps, we have moved product roadmap zone to the PAPS Home Page. See below picture for the new exact location. Click here to go to Homepage and download our most updated roadmaps.


Product Information

PAPS Phased-out Product Information for 2/1-2/28

Product Picture Advantech PN Product Description Manufacturer PN Replacement
96FD25-S80-INA INTEL SSD335 80GB, 2.5"
VA2246M-LED 96FD25-S064-PLG
96FD25-S240-INA INTEL SSD335 240GB, 2.5"
WD3200BEKX 96FD25-S256-PLG
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