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Issue Date: AUG, 2013
Market Insights

Intel Adjusts the Importance of Core Family

With the momentum of worldwide PC market greatly dropping and the negative performance image of Atom Brand, Intel intends to eliminate Atom Brand from Q4, 2013. PC industry players project that Atom will be replaced by Pentium and Celeron.

Intel schedules to launch a new generation of Pentium processor with Haswell microarchitecture in September 2013 and launch Celeron processor with Haswell microarchitecture in Q1 2014. In the meaning time, socket of LGA 1155 will fade out gradually.

Data source:http://www.digitimes.com.tw/tw/dt/n/shwnws.asp?CnlID=1&Cat=10&Cat1=&id=0000342918_S0287OLY200LAC7DIN4O1&query=CPU

DRAM Average Selling Price Is Coming Back

According to Solid State Technology, the DRAM average selling price has been coming back to the level of 2010.

Market research institute, IC Insights also reports that the DRAM average selling price in Q1, 2013 increases 22% comparing with the same period of 2012. 42% for Q2, 2013, 50% of Q3, and 46% of Q4 comparing with each same period of 2012.

Main reasons that cause the growth of DRAM average selling price are
Fewer DRAM manufacturer players
Lesser capital investment
New DRAM overall production combination

Above reasons result the total DRAM production has been cut down and further increase the DRAM average selling price.

Data source:http://www.digitimes.com.tw/tw/dt/n/shwnws.asp?CnlID=1&Cat=40&Cat1=&id=0000343186_BXS0JWXR9VGXW55Q1ZXNU&query=%B0O%BE%D0%C5%E9

Hard Drive Prices Rose Up

According to Digitimes, Hard Drive price in Japan market has been increasing lately. There is 3 to 5% up, comparing with the HDD price in the wholesale market in April to June and the price in July to September. This is a significant increasing since the floods in Thailand in fall 2011.

There are 2 reasons resulting in the HDD prices up. The 1st reason is the increasing production of SSD (Solid State Drive) and high capacity hard drives which cause the production of main stream products (500GB & 1TB) decreases. In the meaning time, 500GB traditional hard drive is going to be bundled with the 2nd generation of family game consoles, such as PS4 and XBoxOne, which make the 500GB drive is storage in Japan market.

Overall speaking, 2.5"500GB price is 3% higher comparing with 3 months ago and 3.5"500GB is 5% higher.

Data source:http://www.digitimes.com.tw/tw/dt/n/shwnws.asp?CnlID=1&Cat=10&Cat1=&id=0000343148_KNH284WA3E5KFW92L059B&query=%B5w%BA%D0
Product Information

PAPS Phased-in Product Information for 7/1-7/31

Product Picture Advantech PN Product Description Manufacturer Manufacturer PN
96ND320G-ST-WD7K1 WD 2.5 350G 7KRPM 9.5mm SATAIII 16MB WD WD3200BEKX
96ND750G-ST-WD7K1 WD 2.5 750G 7KRPM 9.5mm SATAIII 16MB 4K WD WD7500BPKX
AQD-D3L4GE16-SG 4GB DDR3-1600 ECC DIMM 1.35V 512X8 SAM(G) Advantech AQD-D3L4GE16-SG
AQD-D3L8GE16-SG 8GB DDR3-1600 ECC DIMM 1.35V 512X8 SAM(G) Advantech AQD-D3L8GE16-SG
AQD-D3L4GR16-SG 4GB DDR3-1600 RDIMM 1.35V 512X8 SAM(G) Advantech AQD-D3L4GR16-SG
AQD-D3L8GR16-SG 8GB DDR3-1600 RDIMM 1.35V 512X8 SAM(G) Advantech AQD-D3L8GR16-SG
AQD-D3L32L13-SM 32GB DDR3-1333 LRDIMM 1.35V 2GX4 SAM(G) Advantech AQD-D3L32L13-SM
Product Roadmaps
dot CPU Product Roadmap Q3,2013. DownloadPDF
dot MEM Product Roadmap Q3, 2013. DownloadPDF
dot Storage Product Roadmap Q3, 2013. DownloadPDF
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