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Issue Date: SEP, 2014
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Adapter Power Supply

There are four power supply types in the PAPS Power Supply product line: ATX, Redundant Power Supply, Adapter, and Open Frame Power Supply. In the coming months, our newsletter will introduce each Power Supply type and talk about how to specifically make selections. This month we are going to introduce the Adapter type power supply.

How to Select the Right Adapter

The most common applications on the market for adapter are desktop adapter, wall adapter, and car adapter. When considering an adapter, you need to know what type of input plug socket and output connector your devices need. Next, pay attention to current type: AC to DC or DC to DC, output voltage, and safety regulations. Operating temperature, cable length (mm), and efficiency are other elements that you might need to consider as well.

Step 1, Input Plug Socket and Output Connector Type

Picking a correct input plug socket and output connector type for your devices is important and makes devices work properly. Shown below are three types of AC inlet and seven main types of output connector in the PAPS powers supply product line.

Step2, Current Type and Output Voltage

Current type and voltage will be expressed as a number and current designation. In the example here, the current type shown is AC to DC, input voltage is 100-240V, and output power is 19V.

Step 3, Safety Regulation

Regulated AC/DC power adapters keep voltage and current potential constant. Certain safety regulations are only good for certain countries. Failure to use them can damage some devices.

Step4, Operating Temperature, Cable length (mm), and Efficiency

All of these elements that you might also want to consider can be found on the website.


Adapter Naming Convention

PAPS has created a simple naming convention for Power Supply products which makes each product specification easy to understand simply by reading the part number. See the complete list of Adapter product selections on the website,GO.

Product Information

Renovated Product Specification Filter

The PAPS website has recently renovated its product specifications filter to make it more user friendly. For example, users can set multiple specification criteria and see how many products are found within the selection range. The filter can easily be cleared by clicking the Reset button. Check this out at PAPS website, GO.


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