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Issue Date: DEC, 2014

PAPS Website Has A New Look

Dear All,

The Peripheral Allied Partnered Services team (PAPS) is pleased to introduce the new PAPS website on Advantech.com. You can find the new PAPS website from the Advantech home page. Select either the Product or Solution options from the top menu bar and look for the category “Certified Peripherals.”

In addition to basic product information such as datasheet and specifications, you'll also find an estimated EOL date. The PAPS website has a unique function that we have created to help customers locate compatible CPUs and memory modules for specified Advantech motherboards, called the “CPU and Memory Finder.”

More functions will be added to the new PAPS website in the future, including a Power Supply Selection Wizard, a CPU Fan Locator, and so on, all designed to help customers easily build a complete system and solution.

We encourage you and your customers to use the new site as your primary peripherals product selection and knowledge platform. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact us directly at PAPService@advantech.com.

View detail Website Introduction click Here

Come to visit us on http://www.advantech.com/certified-peripherals/


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CPU and Memory Finder

CPU and Memory Finder help users to locate compatible CPU and memory module with specified Advantech motherboard which shorten customer project lead time.



Product Roadmaps
dot CPU Product Roadmap Q1,2014. DownloadPDF
dot MEM Product Roadmap Q1, 2014. DownloadPDF
dot Storage Product Roadmap Q1, 2014. DownloadPDF
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