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Issue Date: DEC, 2014
Market Insights

Big Data; Big Capacity

With the coming of computer networked era, a variety of portable products, and Internet-of-Things devices around everywhere, the size of data has been extremely increasing. By 2015, the number of households producing 1TB data amount per month will increase by 20 times from now. A huge amount of information continues to drive demand for high capacity storage devices.

Facing with intensive large data storage needs, HDDs and SSDs are in accordance with the frequency of information access and store the information into cold zone or hot zone. The hot zone is for data most often used and emphasizes on high speed and IOPS. Data in the cold zone is less used, such as raw data and I/O speed is not as important to it. It requires stability and power saving. Below is the technology developing to meet the big data era:

Reference: http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/News/Details.aspx?NewsId=42245


Rommended HDDs for different big data applications:

Picture Advantech PN Manufacturer Capacity Applications
96HD6TB-SS-SG7KE SEAGATE 6TB Enterprise data storage; General document data storage; Virtual tape;NAS; Medical imaging
96HD6TB-ST-WD5KA WD 6TB Surveillance DVR
96HD4TB-ST-WD5KA WD 4TB Surveillance DVR

Rommended SSDs for different big data applications:

Picture Advantech PN Manufacturer Capacity Applications
96FD25-S1TB-PLG Plextor 1TB Medical images; Web server; Cloud massive data analysis; 3D graphic processing
96FD25-S1TB-TR7 Transcend 1TB Semi industrial environment; Military storage; Vehicle storage
Product Information

Advantech Certified Peripherals Catalog Now Available on Advantech.com

We are pleased to announce that PAPS has recently launched Advantech Certified Peripherals Catalog. We consolidate all product lines in one place and add inpage and hyperlink in every page to facilitate product selections. Also 3D page flipping style is applied into the catalog to make the reading experience more like real.

Go Check it out >>>


Consolidate All PAPS Products into One Place

Inpage Link Takes You to Any Page You Want

3D Page Flipping Style


>>> Access Catalog from The PAPS Website (bottom left hand side)

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