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Issue Date: JUN, 2015

Medical-grade Peripherals Are Available Now!!!

PAPS has recently launched a line of comprehensive medical-grade peripherals including monitors, keyboards, and mice. From 8MP to 2MP, 36” to 21”, and color or monochrome, EIZO medical monitors have been in the field for more than a decade. Indukey and Man & Machine are the keyboard and mouse vendors. Indukey products feature long life cycle and in-house manufacturing at the company’s headquarters in Germany, ensuring top product quality. Keyboards and mice from Man & Machine offer the best warranty in the business. See below for each vendor’s features:

Company Product Features
  • FDA Approved
  • Wide range of resolutions from 1920 to 4096px
  • CAL Switch function for CR, CT, and endoscopy mode
  • Multiple input signal support, including DVI-I, BNC, D-Sub mini 15 pin, and S-Video
  • Ready-to-use; Plug-and-play
  • Long serviceable life cycle
  • Washable silicone material and antimicrobial surface
  • Touch keyboard with glass surface
  • DIN EN 60601-1:2007 certification
  • Made with 100% sealed silicone
  • Magnetic locking system
  • Variable cable length
  • Backlit support for dark rooms
  • Limited life-time warranty
  • PAPS Recommended Products

    Product Picture Advantech PN Product Description EOL
    XMT-GX34-DHAW50DE EIZO 21.3" RadiForce 3MP Monochrome Medical LCD 1200CD/M2, 1536X2048 Monitor (2) with ATI FirePro W5000 PCIEX16 Video Card (1) Q4 / 2016
    XMT-MS235W-DPV26-E EIZO 23" MX Medical Color TFT IPS DICOM Medical LCD 260cd/m2, 1920x1080 Monitor Q4 / 2016
    XMT-MX24W-DP35-E1 EIZO 24.1" MX Medical Wide Color TFT IPS DICOM Medical LCD 350cd/m2, 1920x1200 Monitor Q4 / 2016
    XKB-M88T-F5P-I1 Indukey Medical TKS 88 Key IP65 TouchPad AM KGEH (PS/2) Q2 / 2023
    XKB-M106-S8U-I1 Indukey TKG 106 Key IP68 Medical White (USB) Q2 / 2023
    XMS-M3-LS-F8UW-I1 InduMouse Scroll IP68 White LASER (USB) Q2 / 2023
    XMS-M5-OP-F8UR-M4 M&M Petite Mouse IP68 Red w/ Magfix (USB) Q2 / 2017
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