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Issue Date: Oct 2015

PAPS has recently launched a line of comprehensive medical-grade EIZO and NEC monitors in different applications, such as Clinical Review/Dentistry, Diagnostic, Mammography, Multi-Modality, and Surgical. We understand it may be overwhelming selecting the right medical monitor so we have prepared some tips for you:

  • View all medical monitors online.
  • Download Medical Monitor Roadmap Q4 / 2015 here.
  • How to Select a Right Medical Monitor

    Monitor Types on the Market>>>

      Type Features
    Clinical Review/Dentistry Clinical Review/Dentistry can display small details much better and with higher resolution than regular desktop monitors. The consistent brightness on Clinical Review/Dentistry monitors helps healthcare professionals and their patients to make clear and careful reviews of available medical images.
    Diagnostic Diagnostic monitors are specially designed, 1 to 8MP monochrome and color monitors that take full account of medical institutions’ need for different types of monitors with DICOM Part 14 standard calibration and the high-performance capability required for more precise diagnoses. Size is from 21.3” to 36.4”. All Diagnostic monitors must have FDA 510(k) clearance.
    Mammography Mammography monitor is a diagnostic monitor with the 5 to 8MP resolution that allows healthcare professionals to see small details that are essential in digital mammography. It is vital in the process of early breast cancer detection that monitors display accurate and consistent quality images.
    Multi-Modality Multi-Modality monitors with super high-resolution can display a variety of medical images on one screen simultaneously using the unique Hybrid Gamma Technology. Multi-Modality monitors are capable of displaying 4, 6, or 8 MP of information without the obtrusive bezels typically found in a multi-monitor setup.
    Surgical Surgical display monitor sizes range from 19”, the smallest, to 80”, the largest. Normally surgical displays require OR system integrators who install and maintain the large format displays on site in the healthcare industry. For more information, please contact Jamie Chen (VOIP:500 EXT:1750) about surgical display opportunities.

    For other medical monitor requirements that are not listed above, we may check with manufacturer for OEM or additional solutions. Please contact with Category Manager Jamie Chen (VOIP:500 EXT:1750) for further assistance.

    PAPS Recommended Products

    Product Picture Advantech PN Product Description EOL
    XMT-MX19-DV30-E1 EIZO 19" MX191-BK Medical Color TFT DICOM Medical LCD 300cd/m2, 1280x1024 Monitor Q4 / 2016
    XMT-MS235W-DPV26-E EIZO 23" MX Medical Color TFT IPS DICOM Medical LCD 260cd/m2, 1920x1080 Monitor Q4 / 2016
    XMT-MX24W-DP35-E1 EIZO 24.1" MX Medical Wide Color TFT IPS DICOM Medical LCD 350cd/m2, 1920x1200 Monitor Q4 / 2016
    XMT-RX44-DP1K-E1 EIZO 29.8" RX440-BK RadiForce 4MP Medical LCD 1,000cd/m2, 2560X1600 Monitor Q4 / 2016
    XMT-302C6-DP80-N1 NEC 30” MD302C6 6MP Color Medical Diagnostic with LED Display (FDA 510(k) approved) Q4 / 2016
    XMT-322C8-DPHU35-N NEC 31.5” MD322C8 8MP Color Medical Clinical Display with LED Backlighting (FDA 510(k) cleared) Q4 / 2016
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